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Overcoming Life Obstacles

"Stay safe, be well, and God Bless!"
** - Shayna Melissa Stockman (Main Author)**

"Shayna Melissa Stockman makes a way for you to BELIEVE in all that
you can be and helps lift us all up ultimately to empower others!"
-Michele King, Thriving Resources LLC (Coauthor & Website Designer)

Shayna Melissa, "OLO" Logo by Shayna Melissa, her favorite pics are sunsets

Book Testimonials

"Your book is wonderful. I am trying to absorb every word...I'm
halfway through your book and can't wait for the next chapter!
So much of what you've written is just plain great advice.
Thank you for this inspirational book, and very well written, too!"
-Nick Ciavarella

"(Shayna) Melissa's shared secrets to success in this book are sure to uplift and empower you to be the best version of you, because you matter."
-Justin R, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of a $230 million
publicly traded global biotech company.

"I'm fans got me through this...Being a part of this book
and being able to talk about it is pretty special."
-Scott Jacobs, World-renowned Artist,
First Licensed Artist for Harley Davidson™

-Sand art and photo by Shayna Melissa Stockman

About the book

"Overcoming Life Obstacles" is about real people with real stories, journaling their deepest, darkest battles to face, fight, then strive to survive and thrive.From Professional All-Time Record-Breaking Athlete Jon K. Court & a Pro WBFF Bikini Model to World-renowned Artist Scott Jacobs, the 1st Licensed Artist for Harley Davidson ™Ordinary to extraordinary people, from all around the world include parents, spouses, a Nurse, a Doctor, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and BioHackers.

Interview with Steve at Thriving Entreprenuer
Interview with Steve at Thriving Entreprenuer

Shayna is the producer and contributing author of the new book Overcoming Life Obstacles which journals the inspiring stories of 30 real people who found triumph in adversity.OLO includes a little bit about their struggle, but more so how they overcame from people that have been there done that. The readers will realize they are not alone in their similar struggles, have hope, inspiration, and the needed tools to not only overcome their struggles but also overcome them at an expedited pace.As a global wellness educator, advocate, motivational speaker, and Creator of OLO, she is also the founder of OLO Dream Builders. Shayna is the winner of the Trump VIP International Award and her insights have been included in several magazines, newspapers, and TV, most recently interviewed on ABC last week.

Interview with Steve at Thriving Entreprenuer

After reading this book, you may:

  • Realize you are not alone in your similar struggles

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Reveal self-help tools

  • Have more hope, courage

  • Become inspired, motivated

  • Acquire perseverance

  • Discover Secrets to Success

  • Feel empowered

  • Elevate to a whole new level

"Turn obstacles into stepping stones to elevate yourself and uplift others!!""OLO!!" Is an acronym created by Shayna Melissa that stands for a celebration of "Overcoming Life Obstacles" and "Optimistically Lifting Others" --Shayna

"Knowing something as simple as how you can "flip the switch" and teach others to do the same has led (Shayna) Melissa down a passionate path of helping others find immediate solutions to their obstacles....(Shayna) Melissa's shared secrets to success in this book are sure to uplift and empower you to be the best version of you, 'Because you matter'."-Justin R, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of a $230 million publicly traded global biotech company

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“I would rather be proactive and prevent your
dis-order today than reactive and treat it tomorrow.”

Pictures above:
Be "Pro-active; not Re-active"
1993 Nursing Grad with Grand-ma :)
Grand-Ma walks again
Shayna Melissa and her purchased artwork by a band member of Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'"

About the Main Author

#1 International bestselling author, Shayna Melissa Stockman, is a Holistic Healer, RN & Board Certified Nurse Practitioner for three decades who helps people over 30 suffering from dis-ease to find relief and life again through BioHacking.BioHacking is a simple solution and proven process of giving your body the proper nutrients to activate paths to do what it was built to do, heal and live healthy.

Shayna Melissa Stockman receiving the award for #1 International Best Selling Author

In her new book Overcoming Life Obstacles, Shayna shares the real-life example of working with her grandmother to overcome the most significant of life obstacles, including walking again and living the remaining days of her life in health, peace, and vitality. Shayna herself went from heart failure, overdosed by the doctors, and left hopeless by the specialists, to helping heal herself without meds, and has since helped thousands worldwide do the same. She truly fuses Alternative methods (BioHacking on a cellular level, Holistic, Functional, Integrative, and Naturopathic techniques).

Shayna can energetically share and empower your audience with these and other Expert topics:· Overcoming Life Obstacles
· Increasing lifespan and healthspan
· BioHacking your Body
· Free radicals and toxins
· Heart health­­­
· Healthy alternatives to meds
· Immune supporters
· Synergism with Cancer treatment
· Self-advocacy
· Mastering Diabetes
· Prevent dis-ease & dis-order
· Women's Health & Men's Health
Her #1 international bestselling book, Overcoming Life Obstacles, brings inspirational stories of 30+ people, including Shayna herself, and how they overcome some of the most daunting of life obstacles, including accidents, abuse, cancer, and so many more.She is the recipient of an International VIP Lifetime Achievement in Healthcare Award. Shayna now shares her secrets to success as a featured speaker at national conferences and global conventions, as well as in print, on the radio, and tv.

"I'm proud to have people like (Shayna) Melissa and fellow Board Member and Activist Erin Brokovich join our growing team and participate
in such causes. Melissa, like Erin, also advocates for health
and biohacking and went from tragedies to triumphs."
-Justin R, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of a $230 million
publicly traded global biotech company

"After many specialists, you were the first to introduce BioHacking to me. I'm now off all my meds and haven't felt this good in decades!!
Now I believe I will be around a lot longer.
I'd like to thank you for changing my life!" -V.J.

"Melissa is so helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate in every area of her profession. Not only is she passionate about helping others but she is amazing at it. I'm proud to call her my physician"
"you are a gem" -Chiarra Loeffler

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"I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of care I’ve
received from Melissa. She picked up on a problem that my
Doctor dismissed a year ago. She has listened and worked
with me to get me in the right path to recovery."
-Laurie Lane

"Melissa is a true professional. Knowledgeable, friendly, and an
all-around great person. I highly recommend her and her services."
-Jarrod Gordon

"Melissa...utmost integrity, who is dedicated...dedicated her heart & soul
to the care of others, going above & beyond...high ethical
& moral standards...most responsible.."
-SK patient & Office Manager of a private medical practice

  • I'd rather prevent dis-order today than treat it tomorrow!

  • Like seatbelts in cars or helmets on Harleys, be PRO-Active not RE-active!

  • BioHack to take back the power of your genetic expression.

  • It's ACTIVATION, not supplementation! I'd rather not just take them, but make them (antioxidants)!

  • Making, rather than taking, antioxidants can be 1 MILLION times more potent.

  • The vitamins of today will become the dinosaurs of tomorrow!

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The Authors

“I’m fans got me through this...Being a part of this book and being able to talk about it is pretty special.”
-Scott Jacobs, World-renowned Artist,
First Licensed Artist for Harley Davidson™

Main Author: Shayna Melisa Stockman
Editors: Michele King and Veronica Gianferri
Creative Consultant: Veronica Gianferri
Creative Artwork by: Scott Jacobs, Veronica Gianferri, and Shannon Koborie, Shayna Melissa Stockman

27 Chapters diving into personal obstacles you can identify with and use to increase your knowledge of how to "turn your obstacle into stepping stones." We look forward to hearing from you and the tools you used to tackle your life obstacle!Maybe, you would like to share your secrets to success in our next journal. If you'd like to become a published author in our next edition of this series, click the "Series" button on our main page for more information.

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Dream Builders Optomistically Lift Others

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Would you like to build the life of your dreams?
We can show you how!!

Get on your dancin' shoes, let loose, laugh, learn, share your dream as we help you build it, mastermind ideas to uplift you & provide action steps to facilitate your dream into reality!OLO is an acronym I created that stands for
Overcoming Life Obstacles & Optimistically Lifting Others
then celebrating all successes.
Please like our new Facebook page & invite others
-"overcoming life obstacles"- (all lower case)

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Book Series, Seminars, and Packages

We're just getting started on our book series, "Overcoming Life Obstacles"! Here are other series we will be putting together with our Authors that have life experiences to make their mess their message in Overcoming Life Obstacles:

  • Special Abilities (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, paralysis, autism, loss of a limb, blindness, other learning disabilities)

  • BioHacking Your Body

  • Disease or Disorder

  • Addictions including, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, fetishes, OCD, eating disorders (Anorexia, bulimia, binging, pica, rumination, avoidant/restrictive intake, purging, night eating, OSFED)

  • Death & Dying (Cancer, leukemia, organ failure, lymphoma, aids & HIV)

  • Abuse (Mental, sexual, physical, verbal)

  • Mental Struggles (Multiple personalities, bipolar, anxiety, depression, PTSD)

  • Financial Ruin (Bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of business)

Instead of writing your own book & spending years and several thousands, my contributing authors all chipped in to write 1 quick small chapter. Over 80% of people would like to become authors, yet less than 5% do. Of that 5%, only 1% will ever earn the elite status of #1 International Bestsellers, like these authors.If you have an obstacle that you have overcome and would like to share it with the world to help others overcome similar obstacles while you increase exposure to new audiences, reach further distances, and achieve more, you may want a chapter in our next edition.Along with my team of top-notch USA assists & insider secrets, all co-promoted each other's businesses & drove it to #1 International Best Seller in 3 countries & multiple categories that amplified all of our exposures.I so over-delivered with tons of extra surprises that go above & beyond any & ALL compilation books. It will now be a series called Overcoming Life Obstacles-a little about your obstacles & moreso of how you overcame them. The reader will realize they're not alone, have hope, inspiration & become empowered with the needed tools to overcome, & at an expedited pace.Together we turn obstacles into stepping stones to elevate ourselves & uplift others! OLO!! (a celebration of Overcoming Life Obstacles & Optimistically Lifting Others). I'm limiting # authors to 1/3 of my last book & anticipate it on the shelves by mid-Nov for holiday shoppers.

Interested in joining my next #1 best seller as a co-author in future OLO books or attending one of Shayna's Health Seminars on Zoom? Reach out to Shayna Melissa Stockman in the email section provided below. Please include your full name, your email address, & note in the message box your mobile phone number.


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